Spray Humdifiers

Model 592

Skuttle’s central-system Spray Humidifier, Skuttle Model 592, is specially designed for fossil fuel furnaces. The unit measures just 6-1/2 in. (16.51 cm) wide, 5-5/8 in. (14.29 cm) high and 3 in. (7.62 cm) deep. Spray Humidifiers should be used only in regions where the water is naturally soft.

How Spray Humidifiers Work

Activated by the humidistat (which monitors the home’s relative humidity), the Skuttle Spray Humidifier releases a fine mist into the heating system’s ductwork, where it is distributed evenly throughout the home by the furnace blower. A green light indicates when the unit is operating. Six sizes of stainless steel atomizing nozzles allow your contractor to customize the humidifier to your home’s cubic footage and water pressure.

Environmental Facts

Spray Humidifiers use minimal water and electricity, making them economical to operate and environmentally friendly.


To ensure continuous, trouble-free operation of the humidifier, the spray nozzle should be replaced and the inline water filter cleaned at the end of each heating season. This can be done by either the homeowner or an HVAC technician. The humidifier and the connecting water valve must be turned OFF at the end of each heating season.