F60 Series Steam Humidifier

High-Capacity Steam Humidifier

When Consistent, Stabilized Humidity is Desired

Skuttle Duct-Mounted Steam Humidifiers are the best option when stabilized humidity is desired or essential. They work well on all heating systems with air movers, and are particularly effective on furnaces that don’t operate long enough or generate enough heat for other humidifiers to work efficiently.

Moisture Output Capacity

Model Lbs/Hour Gal/Hour Gal/Day
F60-1 4.5 0.54 13.0
F60-2 5.9 0.71 17.0

Home/Humidifier Sizing Range

Model Tight House Loose House
F60-1 @ 13 GPD 3,095 sf
24,762 cf
1,413 sf
11,304 cf
F60-2 @ 17 GPD 4,048 sf
32,381 cf
1,848 sf
14,783 cf
NOTE: Ratings and calculations are in compliance with ARI Formula 610.

How Steam Humidifiers Work
Inside a Skuttle Steam Humidifier, a water temperature sensing device operates the furnace fan independently from your home’s heating system. Because it has its own heat source, a steam unit will effectively humidify your home regardless of the air temperature.

Due to Steam Humidifiers’ internal complexity and the danger of scalding, cleaning and servicing by a qualified HVAC contractor is strongly recommended.


Product image of F60 Series Steam Humidifier
Sales Literature Owners Manual
  • Corrosion-resistant, low-water cutoff switch and built-in overflow protection
  • Heating element decreases watt density and reduces premature burnout
  • Mounting bracket serves as a fixed template and creates a drawer-like frame on the ductwork for easy installation and service
  • 3/8” barbed, brass overflow fitting for fast, secure tubing installation
  • Thermal fan interlock control allows unit to provide humidity independent of the furnace’s heating cycle
  • Single-piece service drain petcock makes cleaning easy