216M Make-Up Air Control

Motorized Make-Up Air Control

Give Your Tight Home a Breath of Fresh Air Year-Round

A frequent cause of “sick house syndrome” is negative air pressure buildup—the result of a lack of proper fresh-air exchanges in the home. The Model 216M Make-Up Air Control automatically delivers controlled fresh air to solve problems caused by negative indoor air pressure.

How Make-Up Air Controls Work
The fresh air ventilation system is designed to introduce fresh air into a building through an intake damper controlled by a micro-processor logic panel. The 216M has single adjustment setup, exhaust fan control option, outdoor temperature and/or humidity limit option and damper override capabilities. It is easy-to-install and meets ASHRAE 62.2 standard. The 216M comes with a 20VA transformer and 6” round damper. The control panel is available separately and can be ordered with additional size dampers.


Product image of 216M Make-Up Air Control
Sales Literature
  • Micro-controller logic panel
  • Status LEDs
  • Single adjustment setup
  • “Damper Closed” override switch
  • Exhaust fan control options
  • Remote damper override options
  • Outdoor temperature and humidity override option
  • Optional On Demand CO2 gas detection

VCS Panel Included with Model 216M