216 Make-Up Air Control

Self-Adjusting Make-Up Air Control

Give Your Tight Home a Breath of Fresh Air Year-Round

This self-adjusting unit helps provides fresh air in conventional forced air heating systems up to 250,000 BTUs.

Fresh Air Supply with 4” Intake
@ .05 static pressure 74 cubic ft./min.*
@ .10 static pressure 104 cubic ft./min.*
* Expressed in inches of water column

NOTE: Model 216-2 comes with a 4” intake hood and a 6” to 4” reducer.


Product image of 216 Make-Up Air Control
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How Make-Up Air Controls Work
The Skuttle Model 216 Self-Adjusting Make-Up Air Control is installed on the return air plenum of the furnace. Six-inch insulated flex duct connects the Make-Up Air control to a screened, fresh air inlet mounted on the outside of the home.
When the furnace blower operates, the damper in the Make-Up Air Control opens, automatically pulling the outside air into the furnace. The air is cleaned by the filter, heated or cooled, and circulated through the duct system. As a result, a slight pressure builds up in the home, preventing unwanted air infiltration around windows and doors.