2002 Flow-Thru Humidifier

Fan-Powered, By-Pass Flow-Thru Humidifier

Efficient, Effective and Easy to Maintain!

Skuttle’s high-capacity Flow-Thru Humidifiers are designed to accommodate today’s narrower ductwork, lower furnace temperatures and shorter blower cycles. This compact humidifier enables you and your family to enjoy the benefits
of healthful, humidified air which results in reduced static, prevents wood from cracking and provides a more comfortable environment. Proper humidity will also lower your electric bill.

Moisture Output Capacity

Temp (Warm Air Duct) Lbs/Hour Gal/Day
120°F 6.61 19.0
110°F 6.05 17.4
100°F 5.49 15.8

Home/Humidifier Sizing Range

Model Tight House Loose House
Square Feet 4,524 2,065
Cubic Feet 36,190 16,522
NOTE: Ratings and calculations are in compliance with ARI Formula 610.


Product image of 2002 Flow-Thru Humidifier
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How Flow-Thru Humidifiers Work
  • Ideal for installations where the return air plenum is not easily accessible
  • Compact width fits plenums as narrow as 14”
  • Reversible side panels permit left or right side bypass installation
  • Stainless steel orifice won’t break and cleans easily
  • Internal solenoid protected from damage
  • Barbed drain fitting prevents hose from slipping
  • Superior patented wicking and water distribution system accommodates non-level plenums