Choosing a Contractor

Choose a Skilled, Knowledgeable, Licensed HVAC Contractor

Your best option for choosing a reliable HVAC contractor is to check with friends and neighbors who may be able to recommend a contractor who’s done exceptional work for them.

Otherwise, refer to the business section of your phone directory or an online business directory such as,,,, etc. lists prescreened home improvement contractors by category and zip code.

Regardless of how you learn about a contractor, check with your Better Business Bureau to make sure the business is reputable.

Skuttle does not endorse any specific contracting business, and is not responsible for a contractor’s quality of service or installation, but we find that the best HVAC contractors share these characteristics…

  • They comply with state and local codes and regulations.
  • They are trained and licensed specifically for the work they do.
  • They are prompt and courteous, and provide reliable service.
  • They can knowledgeably service your equipment, or design and install an appropriate system.
  • They can determine if your home is prone to unbalanced humidity, indoor air pollution or poor air turnover.
  • They are responsive to your concerns about health and comfort.
  • They tell you how to care for your equipment, and offer preventive maintenance to maximize the life and efficiency of your system.
  • They follow up to ensure that you are satisfied with your service and equipment.
  • They make it easy for you to contact them in the event of an emergency.

We believe that only a qualified HVAC professional can recommend the best combination of indoor air quality products for your home and family. That is why Skuttle Whole-House Indoor Air Quality Products are sold through HVAC dealers and contractors only. As such, Skuttle warranties are valid only on products purchased through and/or installed by qualified HVAC professionals. To assure product integrity and to protect your home and family, warranties for Skuttle products purchased online or through other third parties cannot and will not be honored.

Homeowner needs to ask for a Skuttle product by name.