Skuttle’s Flushing Timer reduces or eliminates servicing during the humidification season.

The Skuttle Humidifier Automatic Flushing Timer (Model S-HAFT) flushes accumulated mineral deposits from central-system steam and reservoir humidifiers, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of healthful, humidified air without frequent cleaning. Measuring just  2-13/16 in. (7.14 cm) square, the Flushing Timer can save you gallons of water per day when compared to flow-thru humidifiers, making it very environmentally friendly.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatically flushes steam and drum humidifiers with fresh, clean water every two hours
  • Reduces or eliminates servicing during the humidification season
  • Reduces water usage by up to 97 percent when compared to conventional flow-thru humidifiers
  • Programmable to 10-, 20- and 30-second flushes per cycle
  • Adaptable to most makes and models of steam and drum humidifiers

Download the Owner’s Manual.

Minimal Electricity= Uses minimal electricity

Minimal Water = Uses minimal water

A Green Choice = Most environmentally friendly