German Engineered Motorized Impellers

Skuttle uses motors that are particularly advantageous in the construction of the Skuttle HEPA 500. They are compact and the integration of the motor with the impellers permits ideal balancing of the whole unit. Being mounted in the airstream, the motor is continually cooled, allowing for extended lubricant life of the bearings.

  • Backward-inclined motor blades for high performance at low consumption
  • Permanent lubrication of PSC motors
  • Mechanical protection of IP44
  • Factory balanced
  • High airflow efficiency
  • Thermally protected
  • Steel ball bearing construction

Easy Maintenance Modular Construction

Maintaining the Skuttle HEPA Filter is a breeze with this modular construction. The Pre-filter/Carbon Filter and the HEPA Filter are assembled in a sealed modular casing that is designed so the filters can be individually removed for easy maintenance and cleaning. The motor and electrical box are mounted in a galvanized steel module that is easily removable for cleaning purposes.

Ducting Flairs™ Mounting System

The Skuttle HEPA Plenum Systems are designed for one-person installation. Ducting Flairs™ integrated within the unit installs in 3 easy steps saving time and effort. Simply cut two holes in the return air plenum, align the unit and fold in the Ducting Flairs™ to hold the unit in place. No external ducting is required for the return air plenum mount installation.

Advanced Push Pull Design Operation System

Skuttle HEPA Systems are manufactured with the Advanced Push Pull Design that offers a double sound barrier. The motor pulls the air through the pleated pre-filter and then pushes it through the carbon and HEPA Filter which acts as double sound attenuator. This process is very quiet and provides better whole home comfort.

View specifications on the Product Sheet.

High Efficiency Quality HEPA Filters

  • Optimal performance for your filtration system.
  • Carbon filter captures and neutralizes tobacco smoke and cooking odors.
  • Pre-filter captures large particles and provides longer life for your HEPA Filter.
  • HEPA filter uses certified HEPA media only.
  • Tested to be 99.97% effective with particles down to 0.3 ppm.
  • Filter is sealed, forcing the air passing through the unit to be directed through the HEPA pleated filter, assuring maximum filtration and comfort.